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BIOGRAPHY: Lawrence Spinak

I have been interested in whittling since I was a pre-teenager.  I Started when in summer camp, carving objects out of bars of Ivory soap. Progressed to whittling wooden neckerchief slides when a Boy Scout.

I didn't do much along these lines until my late 20's.  Then got interested in carving birds and ducks. Back in those days, the mid 1960's, the finished results of the bird/duck carvings were not as elaborate as they are today. In fact, it's the great detail that is done today that turned me off from continuing my interest in that phase of the hobby. 

I'm more of a "traditional" carver in that I feel traditional carvers REPRESENT realism and many of today's woodcarvers try to RECREATE realism.  In my opinion, the former requires artistic ability and the latter requires technical ability. Keep in mind that this is just one person's opinion.

My true idols in the woodcarving art form are Oberammergau, Tirolean, and Switzerland. However, since I'm not trained in that school of carvers, I have to be content with just WHITTLING.

It gives me great pleasure to pick up a knife and a piece of good basswood and create a pleasing object.  Whether it's a "little guy"caricature, a ball-in-box or a love spoon. It's all whittling and a lot of fun.

Whittling is one of  the least expensive hobbies to take on.  My other interests (Hobbies) are Amateur Radio where I'm K1CWZ and you can find me on 40 Mtrs CW/QRP, and photography, where I do all of the photos of my carvings.

Since I retired from 30 years of Federal Civil Service in 1987 I have been enjoying all my hobbies.  However, in 1990, I did take a job as ships radio officer aboard a freighter and sailed from California to China. Think that was the "highlight" of my working career.  Had a ball.

I have taught whittling in various carving clubs in the past, but now I'm just content to relax and whittle on my own.  I generally give my carvings away to friends and relatives  but I do not sell them. This is MY hobby and NOT a business.

I hope to present some projects here on the web site for any and all that would like to try their hand at whittling.  Along the way, if I can help or just inspire individuals to enjoy a wonderful, satisfying  hobby, I will be greatly pleased.

Happy Whittling.



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